How Connected Technology & The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Can Transform Repair, Maintenance & Warranty Management

In the ongoing quest for market share and product and service differentiation, adding customer value to repair and maintenance contracts, extending warranties and even introducing ‘gain-share’ type supply contracts are all becoming increasingly popular.

Connected technology plays a crucial role – not only in the service delivery model chosen – but also in the management of the increased costs that go along with them.


Connected technology and the IIoT delivers clear benefits to your business, including supplying usage and health data to the support team to:

  • Ensure products are better supported – with real-time data and machine analytics, there is a faster resolution of service issues, reduced downtime, an improved time-to-repair and better first-time-fix-rates (FTFR). This translates into higher customer satisfaction levels.
  • Manage liabilities in the field - from an operational perspective, IIoT helps manufacturers to minimise downtime by providing real-time visibility of the status of every machine in the field with machine failure parameters measured and analysed. Normal and abnormal states can be tracked, allowing manufacturers to take preventative action before problems occur, to save time and money and minimise damage and disruption.
  • Secure improved finance stream through parts and service loyalty and increased aftermarket sales - providing parts, repair, maintenance, and digital services relating to the original equipment sold, not only smooths out revenue lumps and bumps, but often attracts far higher margins than the original equipment sale.
  • Create new customer finance propositions - based on usage or productivity data, new finance models can be designed to open up new market opportunities. Increasingly, there is a move away from ‘owning’ assets to the more environmentally sustainable notion of hiring or leasing - take for example the shift towards car-sharing initiatives like ZipCar or on-demand content streaming channels such as Netflix, which has largely replaced ownership by DVD.

The right connected machinery program also delivers a compelling commercial proposition as it directly impacts on both your bottom line and future growth.

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