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A connected world – The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

In this guide you will discover how utilising IIoT and connecting products helps manufacturers to unlock valuable benefits, for both themselves and their customers.

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Smarter Compliance Management

With the right data, you can monitor, reduce risk and make measurable compliance improvements to support your business and strengthen your company’s safety culture.

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Improving Fleet Safety

With the right safety management solution, users typically see a reduction of over 90% in speeding offences along with a 70% reduction in incident levels. This guide looks at how to reduce the likelihood of accidents, cut insurance costs and improve driver behaviour.

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Turning Big Data Into a Business Advantage

Data is becoming one of the most valuable assets companies have at their disposal. In this paper, we outline how M6toll harnessed the advanced analytical skills of the Microlise data science team, to provide reporting rigour around the fleet benefits of using the M6Toll by looking at safety, reliability and efficiency metrics,

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Managing Risk With Technology

Statistics show that fewer than 10% of road traffic accident (RTA) fatalities now involve an HGV and just 2% of RTAs of all severities involve an HGV. The United Kingdom is widely recognised as having amongst the safest roads in the world, with fewer than 3 road deaths per 100,000 people.

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Light Commercial Fleets: Learning From Trucking

In this whitepaper, we explore how and why perceptions and realities differ between the two types of fleet operator – and more importantly – how van fleets can adopt new technology to earn more revenue per vehicle and do more with less.

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