Safety, Health & Compliance

Ensure your company observes the highest safety and fleet compliance standards. Proactively monitor and manage vehicle health to keep vehicle downtime to a minimum and improve your overall fleet effectiveness.

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Fleet & Tachograph Compliance

Compliance is now the number one priority for many fleet operators. With Microlise fleet compliance software you can manage tachograph compliance remotely saving time, resources and removing administrative hurdles.

Combine this with digital vehicle walk around checks, integrated cameras and incident analysis; which can be broken down to the millisecond, and you have a powerful tool to limit risk, achieve the highest compliance and safety standards and keep your vehicles running like clockwork.

Driver Hazard Warning

Improve safety outcomes by reducing the likelihood of bridge strikes and any associated insurance, reputational and liability issues.

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Vehicle Health

Monitor vehicle health status in real time and proactively manage maintenance schedules to increase vehicle up-time and limit catastrophic failures.

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Tacho Compliance

Capture key tachograph data remotely and cut out unnecessary wasted time manually downloading the compliance critical drivers' hours information.

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Safety of Your Fleet

Reduce the number of accidents, cut insurance costs and improve safety for your drivers. When incidents do occur access granular information detailing exactly how the vehicle was operating in the seconds before and after a collision.

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