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Trailer Telematics

Optimise your trailer fleet – improve safety, security, delivery assurance – and ROI

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For high value consignments, temperature sensitive loads or for monitoring brake safety, our trailer telematics solution reduces operational costs, supports improved compliance assurance, reduces Vehicle Off Road (VOR) time and helps to maximise utilisation.

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Trailer Brake Performance Monitoring

Aligns with Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) industry-standard specification to ensure fleet operators maintain safe trailers.

Improve Trailer Management

Real time visibility allows you to deploy assets where they are needed the most.

Increase Utilisation

Increase productivity by identifying under-performing assets.

Asset Tracking

Keep your assets visible with trailer telematics. View coupled trailers as one vehicle on a map, and identify the exact location of your assets when they've been dropped at a particular location.

Trailer ID

Automatically link a trailer to a coupled vehicle using trailer ID or link your tractor and trailer automatically via journey association.

Utilisation Reporting

Vehicle utilisation reports provide fleet level information for usage analysis, supporting more informed decisions around the number of assets required.

Load Security & Assurance

Alerts can be triggered when door sensors are activated or when a vehicle moves outside of a given area, within specific times if required. Driver panic buttons can be fitted to alert of hijack or ill-health. Trailer cameras can also provide an additional level of security and peace of mind.

Trailer Brake Performance Monitoring

With Trailer Brake Performance Monitoring, brakes can be continuously monitored to reduce the need to take vehicles off the road for rolling road brake tests.

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