Journey Management

Route Management

Reduce mileage run, ensure routes appropriate to the vehicle are taken and save your drivers time using a route planner which empowers your drivers with the most safe and economical routes

Route Management and Route Planning Software

After going to all to the effort of using a route and schedule optimisation package, give drivers the tools needed to execute their trips as planned.

Reduce mileage run

Save costs and cut down on vehicle wear and tear by reducing the number of miles travelled through effective fleet routing software.

Travel appropriate routes

Ensure your drivers and vehicles are always travelling the correct routes, and override proposed routes where necessary, to take account of local or specialist knowledge.

Reduce Driver Briefing

By focusing only on exceptions, and debriefing when they occur, you can cut down on driver debriefs, saving management and your drivers' time.

Plan Vs Actual

With this feature, see if your best laid plans are actually delivering what you expect. If not you can quickly get to the bottom of why a route is consistently slower than expected and make improvements.

Planned Routes by Profile

The routes taken will always be appropriate for the vehicle being driven - ensuring drivers never get stuck on the way to a job.

Route Overrides

When required, routing can be overridden if an alternative option is favourable. For example, if a driver is unfamiliar with a local area, yet the team knows that a set route is always favoured, a permanent override can be put in place.

Debrief by Exception

Instead of debriefing all your drivers, all of the time, only debrief when there is an exception and they haven’t taken the planned route causing a significant delay. This lets you focus resources where they will be most effective in reducing wasted mileage and improving customer service.

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