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Fleet Utilisation

Feed real-world information back into your planning process to optimise utilisation levels and fleet and route efficiency

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Fleet Vehicle Utilisation

View and download reports which enable you to analyse if your vehicles are being used to their full potential. Understand how you can more effectively use your fleet, potentially reduce fleet size or take on more revenue earning work.

Maximise Utilisation

A suite of reporting tools allows you to feed real-world information into your planning to optimise asset & route efficiency. Easily identify trailers that are not being utilised or where additional resources are needed.

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Deploy Appropriate Assets Faster

Identify single or groups of assets so you can deploy resources in the most efficient way. A view of driver availability and vehicles off-road provides additional insight when planning.

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Address Customer Queries Quickly

Dashboard data includes delivery windows and on time versus late deliveries so you can respond proactively to customer queries as they arise or manage urgent jobs when they come in.


A customisable dashboard allows you to pick and choose the information you need to analyse key fleet information and trends over time.

Historical Playback

Track back with a complete audit trail of where your vehicles have been, and the precise routes they took, at any point during a 90 day period and remove the need to examine detailed journey logs.


Utilisation reports deliver valuable vehicle and usage data to support analysis and for more informed decision-making around the asset base you require.

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