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Electronic Proof of Delivery

The electronic proof of delivery product is a paperless solution designed to provide complete visibility of delivery operations

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Electronic Proof of Delivery Software

All delivery activity is tracked electronically and the software includes additional features such as task management, driver communications and access to site notes and manifest information. Our customers see a 10% reduction in goods returned and an 80% reduction in management time.

Reduce Admin & Paperwork

Go paperless and keep track of all delivery information and records digitally, with progress recorded in real-time.

Simplify Management of Exceptions

Capture evidence when exceptions occur, through image capture functionality, making future resolution easier.

Manage Itineraries in Real-Time

Easily manage driver workloads to respond to demand and ensure a good customer experience.

Consignment Management

Delivery details are fed through to the driver providing visibility of what is being delivered, allowing them to clause any undeliverable items, enter the precise number of items delivered or, provide a reason for non-delivery. Images of damaged items or adhoc collections can also be captured.


In addition to the standard templates, SmartPOD is flexible enough to allow for configurable workflows and PDF report templates to suite precise operating requirements.

Proof/Collection Capture

A delivery location image or a signature can be captured. On-site payment integration is also available with information being transmitted back within the system to remove any need for delivery paperwork.

Exception Handling

If delivery items are damaged, drivers can supply all the exception information required including images, quantity adjustments and reasons for non-delivery, allowing you and your customer service team to respond to issues at speed.

Vehicle Loading

The vehicle loading module provides two loading options - either in reverse delivery sequence or according to product type, such as ambient, chilled or frozen. When items are scanned, the system automatically updates to provide visibility of what is in each consignment.


A full suite of reports are available to support detailed analysis of delivery performance.

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