Delivery Management

Proof of Delivery

The proof of delivery product is a paperless solution designed to provide complete visibility of delivery operations

Electronic Proof of Delivery Software

All delivery activity is tracked electronically and the software includes additional features such as task management, driver communications and access to site notes and manifest information. Our customers see a 10% reduction in goods returned and an 80% reduction in management time.

Reduce Admin & Paperwork

Go paperless and keep track of all delivery information and records digitally, with progress recorded in real-time.

Simplify Management of Exceptions

Capture evidence when exceptions occur, through image capture functionality, making future resolution easier.

Manage Itineraries in Real-Time

Easily manage driver workloads to respond to demand and ensure a good customer experience.

Sign-On Glass

Signature capture reduces paperwork and admin, whilst boosting productivity and integration between processes in your business. Delivery is recorded and stored, with the option of automatically sending confirmation straight to the customer, cutting down on unnecessary paperwork, streamlining the delivery process and boosting customer experience.

Proof of Presence

On arrival at a site a driver can be prompted to scan a barcode or QR code in order to prove that they were there and to ensure that they were at the correct location.

Delivery/Collection Mode

The delivery / collection mode can be calibrated differently depending on your needs. For example, it may be that everything is assumed OK and it’s only where there is a problem that proof of an exception will be required. Alternatively ePOD can be calibrated to require a scan for every item in your consignment. The power is in your hands to decide what is best for your operation.

Exception Handling

Goods can either require a scan to positively confirm every single item, or just by exception, for example just the high value goods. Differing requirements for scanning can be set for the same consignment and deliveries of containers versus individual items.

Vehicle Loading

The vehicle loading module provides two methods for loading goods - either in reverse delivery sequence order, or by product type e.g. ambient, chilled and frozen. Either of these may be best for your operation and can be calibrated on set up.

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