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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Connect devices, instantly analyse data and take action with Microlise RAMP (Remote Asset Management Platform)

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Monitor, manage and maintain any assets, anywhere, anytime...

The right connected platform delivers significant business-efficiency benefits and in addition, can offer new revenue opportunities as the potential for new customer services and market functionalities allow for stronger relationships to be forged with end users.

By combining your market knowledge and expertise with our products, support, dedicated training and marketing tools, you can increase your business potential and revenue.

The Microlise RAMP industrial IOT platform allows you to build value and competitive advantage while strengthening customer engagement.

Anticipate equipment failure

Utilise dashboards, alarms and sensors to monitor asset performance, anticipate equipment failures and extend longevity.

Predictive maintenance

Manage distribution networks

By connecting assets, you can help your distribution partners to drive their own growth, service and profitability, while keeping your business ahead of the curve.

Distribution management

Manage assets, anywhere

Enhance operational efficiency with real-time visibility of your assets from anywhere in the world.

Remote asset management
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For all industries

Industrial IoT is be a game changer for manufacturers across all industries and geographies.

Repair, maintenance & warranty management

Add customer value to repair and maintenance contracts, extend warranties and exceed customer expectations.

Aftermarket sales

Improve customer retention and offer additional sales, finance and services models with an enhanced product feature set.

Enhance operational efficiency

Understanding how your assets are performing and how they are being used in the field:

  • Real-time performance data: Keep track of your assets performance and production processes in real time, allowing you to reduce downtime and optimise maintenance schedules.
  • Predictive maintenance: Utilise advanced analytics to predict equipment failures before they occur, minimising unexpected downtimes and extending equipment life.
  • Future planning:  This performance data is invaluable to your service and engineering teams as lessons learned can be incorporated into the support process and in future product designs.

Improve productivity of your assets

Automation and control: Streamline operations with automated processes and centralised control systems, allowing for faster and more accurate production cycles.

Data-driven insights: Leverage data analytics to gain insights into operational bottlenecks and implement process improvements that boost productivity.

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A Connected World - The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Download our whitepaper and discover how utilising IIoT and connecting products helps manufacturers to unlock valuable benefits, for both themselves and their customers.

Support your customers

Microlise Industrial Internet of Things technology allows manufacturers to stand alone from the competition:

  • Connect field-based assets: Narrow the gap between manufacturer and end user – making proactive customer experience a reality.
  • Differentiate your offering: Provide a centralised ‘service-wrap’ with connected technology, rather than through product alone.
  • Support your end customers to reduce costs: Cut your customers environmental footprint and significantly boost asset health and operational effectiveness.

Improve cost control

  • Quality control: Warranty systems provide data to help companies manage product quality and its associated costs.
  • Early warning system: By connecting assets in the field, an early warning system can be implemented to send notifications to select individuals.
  • Energy efficiency: Monitor and manage energy consumption more effectively, leading to significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
  • Resource optimisation: Optimise the use of raw materials and resources, minimising waste and lowering production costs.

Enhanced safety and compliance

The Microlise IIoT platform provides your customers with enhanced levels of asset security and can drive increased efficiency in their business:

  • With full integration to Google Maps, you secure both real-time and historical asset location, usage and movement metrics.
  • Geofences can also be set for mobile assets, providing system alerts if assets enter or exit specific locations.
  • With fully tailored software and reporting, asset owners can access the information needed to maximise fleet management.

Manage your workforce

  • User permissions: Define user visibility by assigning keywords and user groups to reports.
  • Notifications: Get alerts of issues with your assets and take the appropriate action and/or deploy a member of your workforce to the location.
  • Team management: Create teams within the IIoT software and assign them to assets.
  • Reporting: Gain insights into daily, weekly and monthly operations with comprehensive reports on asset performance.

Frequently asked questions

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to the interconnected network of industrial devices equipped with sensors, software, and other technologies to collect and exchange data. This network enables real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and data-driven decision-making in industrial environments. IIoT enhances operational efficiency, reduces downtime, and improves overall productivity by providing deep insights into equipment performance and process optimisation. It is widely used in manufacturing, energy, transportation, and other sectors to drive innovation and competitiveness.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of physical objects embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies to connect and exchange data over the internet. It spans various applications, from smart homes to wearable devices. In contrast, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a subset of IoT focused on industrial applications, such as manufacturing, energy, and transportation. IIoT emphasises enhancing operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, and process optimisation in industrial environments, often involving more robust and reliable systems compared to consumer IoT.

Industries that would benefit significantly from IIoT include manufacturing, energy, transportation, healthcare, and agriculture. In manufacturing, IIoT enhances automation, predictive maintenance, and operational efficiency. The energy sector uses IIoT for monitoring and optimising grid performance and managing renewable energy sources. Transportation benefits from improved logistics, fleet management, and safety measures. In healthcare, IIoT supports remote patient monitoring and medical equipment management. Agriculture leverages IIoT for precision farming, optimising crop yields, and resource management. Overall, IIoT drives efficiency, reduces costs, and improves decision-making across these sectors.

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