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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Remote Asset Management

Enhance operational efficiency with real-time visibility of your assets from anywhere in the world.

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Monitor, manage and maintain any assets, anywhere, anytime...

Microlise RAMP (Remote Asset Management Platform) is provides businesses with control and 24/7 visibility over their assets, no matter where they are located. Our solution is flexible and highly customisable, making it suitable for all industries.

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Increase efficiency

Optimise asset utilisation and streamline operations with real-time insights and remote control.

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Reduce asset downtime

Anticipate and address issues before they lead to significant disruptions, maintaining continuous operation.

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Cost savings

Minimise maintenance and operational costs through predictive maintenance and efficient asset management.

Real-time monitoring

Understanding the health of assets in the field is critical to your customers, support teams and product engineers.

Our remote asset management solution monitors the status, performance and exact location of your mobile and stationary assets in real-time, ensuring efficient deployment and utilisation.

Improve asset performance

Understanding how assets are performing and how they are being used in the field is critical.

Real-time data feeds and custom notifications ensure you are always informed about the condition and location of your equipment. This proactive approach helps you identify and address issues before they lead to significant downtime or costly repairs.

This performance data is also invaluable to service and engineering teams as lessons learned can be incorporated into the support process and in future product designs.

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A Connected World - The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Download our whitepaper and discover how utilising IIoT and connecting products helps manufacturers to unlock valuable benefits, for both themselves and their customers.

Track everything, regardless of industry

Store and track your assets in our platform,  no matter what they are.

Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles, a stock room of commercial goods, or contracts for your workforce, Microlise RAMP can store any asset and adapt to your needs and requirements, without you needing to change any processes.

A paperless solution

All the forms, tools and dashboards you need, right at your fingertips. Our remote asset management platform contains everything that your workforce need to go paperless.

Frequently asked questions

Remote asset management is the practice of overseeing and controlling assets from a distance using digital tools and technologies. It involves monitoring equipment, vehicles, and other physical assets through the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, sensors, and software platforms. This approach provides real-time data on asset status, location, and performance, enabling businesses to optimise asset utilisation, schedule predictive maintenance, and reduce downtime. Remote asset management enhances operational efficiency, improves decision-making, and reduces costs across various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, energy, and construction.

Remote asset management software enables businesses to monitor, control, and optimise their assets from a distance using digital tools and IoT technology. This software provides real-time data on asset location, status, and performance, allowing for effective management of equipment, vehicles, and other critical assets. It enhances operational efficiency by enabling predictive maintenance, reducing downtime, and optimising asset utilisation. Industries such as manufacturing, logistics, energy, and construction benefit from remote asset management software by improving decision-making, lowering costs, and increasing overall productivity.

Remote asset management is crucial for ensuring the efficient use and upkeep of valuable assets. It allows businesses to monitor and control assets from a distance using real-time data and IoT technology. This capability leads to several benefits: it optimises asset utilisation, reduces downtime through predictive maintenance, and enhances decision-making by providing accurate, up-to-date information. Industries such as manufacturing, logistics, energy, and construction gain significant advantages from remote asset management, including cost savings, improved operational efficiency, and the ability to respond quickly to issues, thereby maintaining continuous and reliable operations.

Industries that would benefit from remote asset management include manufacturing, where it optimises equipment usage and maintenance; logistics, where it improves fleet tracking and efficiency; energy, where it monitors infrastructure and reduces downtime; construction, where it tracks machinery and tools on various sites; and healthcare, where it ensures the proper functioning of medical devices. This technology enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures timely maintenance across these sectors, making it a valuable tool for managing diverse and dispersed assets.