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Our planning & optimisation product supports operators to plan quickly and accurately to achieve a lower cost of completion

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Planning & Optimisation

Planning and Optimisation allows customers to plan routes more effectively and make informed planning decisions based on validated information that minimises the need for manual intervention.

Its flexible algorithm can also be adjusted to address common issues around delays, bottlenecks and last-minute orders and allows planners to visualise when a plan is fully optimised against a number of run-time KPIs.

Reduce Planning Time

Reduce planning time, manual intervention and accommodate last-minute orders

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Improve Fleet Efficiency

Improve fleet efficiency, utilisation and customer service

Minimise Costs

Minimise costs, mileage, fuel usage and environmental impact

Reduce Planning Time

Re-spin manually adjusted routes to maximise resources... Or choose to begin a plan manually then optimise.

Increased Accuracy

Apply weighting to KPIs to prioritise them. The plan algorithm also displays how the plan is meeting set KPIs, allowing you to stop as soon as KPIs are met.

Controlled & Focused...Yet Flexible

Routes produced resemble real-world routes requiring less manual intervention. You can visualise every route or a selection of them, via the map screen to understand where adjustments could be made.

Improve Oversight & Efficiency

The system timeline makes it easier to assign jobs, tweak routes or manage violations. Any violations that occur are clearly highlighted while the timeline can be used to drag and drop jobs into routes or to add additional resources if required.

Fully Integrated

With one click the plan is sent to the Schedule Execution Board for forward execution.

Jobs can be imported via APIs and the finished plan can be exported in a variety of other formats.

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