Microlise strives to deliver an accessible website for all. The structure of the website, and how it displays information is designed to be accessible, and all new content is checked to ensure compliance.

If you are a visually impaired user, or are using screen reading software, and encounter difficulties using sections of Microlise’s website please report this to us at:  We will endeavour to modify pages immediately.

Access Keys

Access Keys provide a quick way to navigate round the site without using a mouse, and on this site they are based on the UK Government Access Keys system.

The keys are used in conjuction with Alt or Ctrl and Enter keys which vary depending on your browser.

Windows users can navigate with the accesskey feature by typing ALT+Accesskey. On the Mac, you would use CTRL+ ALT + Accesskey. Internet Explorer users may also need to hit the “enter” key to activate a link.

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These keys have been selected so as not to conflict with those in use by Browsers, Word, Acrobat Reader and assistive technologies such as JAWS, Supernova and HomePageReader.