The Road Freight and Logistics APPG – supporting the transport and logistics sector

The Rt. Hon Sir Mike Penning, Chair of the Road Freight and Logistics All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) presented via video, at our recent Microlise Transport Conference.

Prior to the presentation, there was an approximate fifty/fifty split between polled delegates who felt that the Government listened and understood the key issues affecting the sector and those who felt they did not.

In his presentation, Sir Mike outlined the aims and objectives of the new APPG, formed in partnership with the Road Haulage Association in November last year, and elaborated on the ways in which he and his fellow MPs and Peers, plan to tackle some of the industry’s key challenges.

He said: “We are aiming to address the driver shortage and want to ensure that Clean Air Zones are sensibly implemented and do not disrupt supply chains or unfairly tax small businesses. We will also be calling for a sensible implementation period after March 2019 for the industry.”

Sir Mike also took the opportunity to urge all those involved in the industry to work directly with the APPG to tackle the sector’s key challenges through a combined and coordinated approach.

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Immediately after the APPG presentation, 84% of polled delegates felt that the work of the APPG would directly benefit the industry.