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Direct Sameday

Driving Efficiency and Safety with Microlise FOCUS solution

Microlise's system serves as a beneficial portal, consistently offering insights to enhance our operations. Its commitment to transparency stands out, and we appreciate how its products consistently deliver on their promises. The seamless integration of our existing software with Microlise has streamlined our processes, providing a unified and efficient solution. And the Group’s forward-thinking approach and modular system have been instrumental in driving cost-effectiveness and simplifying compliance for our organisation.

Rob Tann, Operations Manager
Saving of around 5,000 fleet miles: the equivalent of £2,300.00 fuel per year and 50 hours on the road per month
Seven of the company’s disputable claims (41%) were resolved using camera footage
Enhanced the fleet's safety and accountability, enabling drivers to operate confidently

The Company

Direct Sameday is a logistics company that prides itself on delivering excellence. And as one of the UK’s leading providers of same-day courier and delivery services, it understands the importance of ensuring packages reach their destinations swiftly and securely.

Committed to reliability and professionalism, the company caters to a diverse clientele, ensuring that each customer’s delivery needs are addressed with precision and care. Whether it’s urgent documents or fragile items requiring special handling, its dedicated team and expansive fleet provide a world-class service. For those who believe tomorrow just isn’t soon enough, Direct Sameday Services is the go-to choice.

But in wake of the pandemic – and in response to inflated prices – the company needed a comprehensive software tool that would help to reduce operational costs and boost overall fleet efficiency.


The Challenge

In the early days of its operation, Direct Sameday faced a number of challenges. Amid day-to-day operations, it tackled the daunting rise in fuel costs – which has surged by a staggering 39.2% between September 2021-22 – threatening to destabilise the company’s finances. However, it wasn’t just about the numbers; as they delved deeper, the team identified a strong correlation between meticulous driving practices and optimal fuel efficiency, emphasising the importance of refining its drivers’ techniques on the road.

To further compound the company’s challenges, Direct Sameday found itself on the backfoot when dealing with insurance claims. Without the cushion of robust data to refute at-fault claims, its insurance premiums soared.

If these challenges weren’t enough, Direct Sameday also came face-to-face with the inevitable rise (10.1%) in driver wages – a crucial step to ensure they retained the best in the business – and a maze of administrative intricacies, especially when it came to tacho downloads, which further strained their resources. The company was also impacted by a 10% increase in repair and maintenance costs, while vehicle depreciation increased by 20% due to spiralling new vehicle costs.


The Approach

Direct Sameday recognised the need for a system that was both proactive and forward-thinking. The company wasn’t looking for a short-term fix, but a comprehensive solution that would serve its current requirements and adapt to future goals. Its objectives were specific, and it needed a partner who could understand the complexity of its issues.

During its thorough search for technology partners that could fulfil its brief, many contenders presented themselves, each with their own merits. However, Microlise stood out from the crowd, offering an evolving approach filled with regular updates and new features. The fact that they were located just minutes away from Direct Sameday wasn’t merely a convenience; it underscored the synergy between the two companies.

What truly strengthened the relationship between Direct Sameday and Microlise was more than just logic or location. Direct Sameday found in Microlise a reflection of its own values and principles. Microlise wasn’t just a service provider, but emerged as a true partner, showing a deep understanding of Direct Sameday’s ambitions and the challenges it faced.


direct sameday lorry

The Result

After integrating Microlise's FOCUS product – including Remote Tacho Download (RTD), Fleet Performance, Clearvision cameras, and Drive tabs – Direct Sameday experienced tangible improvements in its operations. The introduction of RTD eliminated the need for their 23 HGV drivers to routinely travel between the company’s Hucknall and Bulwell sites for downloads, saving around 5,000 fleet miles: the equivalent of £2,300.00 fuel per year and 50 hours on the road per month.

In the insurance domain, the Clearvision camera system was a significant asset. It provided clear evidence during accident claims, which streamlined the resolution process and protected the company from undeserved penalties. From March 2023 to date, seven of the company’s disputable claims (41%) were resolved using camera footage, simultaneously cutting down administration time and the overall cost of claims.

Furthermore, Microlise's products enhanced the safety and accountability of Direct Sameday's fleet. With the backing of these tools, drivers could operate confidently, knowing they had reliable evidence to support their accounts in the event of incidents.


Return on Investment

Direct Sameday experienced clear benefits upon integrating Microlise's technology. The reduced mileage, made possible by the remote tacho download feature, demonstrated an immediate return on investment. This alone indicated that the system was effectively covering its costs. Beyond this, additional advantages became evident: there was a noticeable reduction in insurance costs and an improvement in driver efficiency. Collectively, these benefits confirmed Microlise's substantial value to Direct Sameday's operations.



For Direct Sameday, collaborating with Microlise has been a transformative experience. Microlise's range of products has addressed the company's immediate challenges and positioned it for future growth, all while providing a substantial return on investment. This partnership underscores the importance of choosing the right technology partner in the logistics industry, one that understands a company’s unique challenges and provides tailor-made solutions.

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