Product Insight: Trailer Brake Performance Monitoring

Good fleet maintenance is critical from both a safety and compliance perspective. Walk around checks are hugely effective on tractors which have an array of dashboard warning lights providing alerts for any number of potentially hazardous faults. However, in-cab technology can only go so far when it comes to trailers, which often receive cursory checks involving little more than a tyre check.

Checking trailer brakes requires a little more in the way of positive intervention.

In the UK, the DVSA introduced a range of measures around trailers for responsible fleet operators to follow within their Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness document which outlines best practice for the maintenance of commercial vehicles. In relation to trailer braking performance, the Guide states “It is strongly advised that a calibrated roller brake tester (RBT) is used at each safety inspection” and “it is also best practice to test the vehicle or trailer in a laden condition”.

While each country has its own best practice recommendations for trailer safety, the ethos remains consistent… monitor performance to maintain fleet safety.

The Product

Microlise’s Trailer Brake Performance Monitoring capabilities uses EBS diagnostics data to calculate brake performance which is made available to operators within the Microlise system. This data allows operators to safely manage their trailer fleet by exception. The Trailer Brake Performance Monitoring System provides yet another fully integrated and valuable addition for  users of Microlise’s end-to-end fleet management solution.

Base level information feeds directly into the map screens. By clicking on an individual trailer, users can easily identify when the EBS is performing as it should. Where performance has dropped, a link is provided to access further information over a given time period, enabling informed decisions to be made around any scheduled maintenance that may be required or whether emergency intervention in necessary.

A report is also available within the Microlise system enabling a fleet level view. Any trailers that may be underperforming are listed and more information is available for further analysis of any performance issues that have been flagged.

Our trailer brake performance monitoring system is compatible with most modern Knorr-Bremse and Haldex EBS systems and forms part of Microlise’s wider Trailer Telematics offering which also includes trailer tracking and management, driver ID, temperature monitoring, trailer camera solutions and full utilisation reporting.

The Benefits

Constant near real-time monitoring of the trailer’s braking system performance allows for a more proactive approach to trailer safety. Only trailers that experience a drop in performance will be flagged whilst fully functional trailers remain on the road, allowing users to manage their trailer fleet by exception.

Microlise’s Brake Performance Monitoring System reduces the risk of accidents attributed to EBS trailer failure. It increases overall trailer fleet efficiency allowing assets to remain on the road earning money. It also has the potential to reduce the need for additional trailers to be called upon to cover maintenance periods.

In addition, and in the case of UK guidance, it reduces the need for additional calibrated roller brake tests and feeds into the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme. Whilst the DVSA does not explicitly approve of specific brake performance monitoring systems, it acknowledges that the technology offers a positive and useful alternative to the use of calibrated roller brake tests.

Key benefits at a glance
  • Helps fleet operators maintain safe trailers
  • Allows for optimised maintenance planning
  • Saves money and reduces VOR time – reduces the cost of quarterly roller brake tests (Annual trailer MOT check is still mandatory)
  • Helps operators to maintain compliance and DVSA operators’ licence
  • Fully integrated with other Microlise products
  • Backed by comprehensive Microlise warranty and support services.

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If you'd like to find out more about our complete Trailer Telematics solution please contact us for a demo.

Request a Follow Up

If you'd like to find out more about our complete Trailer Telematics solution please contact us for a demo.