Remote Digital Tachograph Download – Retrieve Tacho Data More Efficiently

The Microlise Remote Digital Tachograph Download product removes the administrative burden of tachograph compliance, by utilising telematics hardware to remotely download tachograph data and seamlessly transmitting it to a preferred analysis provider.

Every fleet operator that needs to adhere to tachograph compliance regulations, has to ensure vehicle and driver tachograph data is supplied to its chosen analysis provider on a regular basis.

That much is a given, but the effort involved in retrieving and submitting that data manually, often proves to be time-consuming and inefficient – especially when it comes to drivers and vehicles that operate away from base for any length of time.

Our Remote Digital Tachograph Download product removes much of the administrative burden, by utilising our telematics hardware to remotely download tachograph data and seamlessly transmit it to a preferred analysis provider.

For existing customers, with telematics hardware already installed, there is, subject to compatibility, no additional hardware required, so customers can start to remotely retrieve tachograph data by using the technology they already have in place.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the product…

What tachograph data can be obtained?

The solution can be configured to obtain both vehicle data and driver card data as well as activity, events, faults, calibration (technical) and detailed speed data from the vehicle head unit. This is everything needed to support compliance and more.

What tacho analysis providers do we work with?

We work with many of the leading tachograph analysis providers (including The FTA, Tachomaster and Trutac) and the list is growing all the time.

How does Microlise collect and pass vehicle data?

Our software is designed to carry out data unlocking (authentication) remotely. Customers simply supply us with a duplicate company card, which is then housed securely in one of our secure data centres, allowing data to be downloaded.

How often is data retrieved?

Driver card data and vehicle data can be downloaded on-demand, or on a scheduled basis, ranging from daily to more periodic intervals, depending on operational requirements.

Is tachograph data still available for me to download if vehicles are out of the UK?

Microlise caters for fleets that have vehicles operating outside of the UK by providing a roaming solution as required.

To learn more, download the Remote Digital Tachograph Download brochure, or visit the product page.