Product Release: 20.5

Despite many of us remaining in lockdown and working from home, our product team continues to work hard to develop product enhancements that support our customers.

This month’s product release include a number of great features.

The system can now be set up to calculate ETAs taking live traffic conditions into account. The feature is only available in the UK at present, but we’ll continue to look at other territories should an opportunity arise. There are some specifics around the systems required to deploy this so please read the release notes or speak to your account manager for further information.

As part of the ongoing work to integrate yard management solutions like C3, a driver can now request a parking location for a trailer via their SmartPOD app when returning to a depot. This allows them to drop a trailer off directly in a bay or other location reducing the need for shunting. When used in conjunction with previous integration work, the driver can also be provided with the  location of a trailer they need to collect, thereby reducing turnaround time on site.

A new feature which was previously limited to a DriveTab with Co-Pilot installed, has now been introduced to SmartPOD when its used on a customer’s own android device, including in the case of subcontractors. When a job is fed to the driver’s android device, a Lat/Long link is provided. When the link is activated, the default sat nav on the device is opened and the directions are displayed.

A new setting has been added to our award-winning Driver Hazard Warning application. It is now possible to remotely configure the app to reduce the number of warnings issued, or even to disable certain warning types. For example, in a case where only height is a concern, weight and width warnings can be completely disabled if required. Similarly, if a driver spends the majority of their time working in built up areas, warnings can be configured to trigger at shorter distances.

As part of our broader improvement work to Contextual Speeding, customers can now use exclusion zones to mark areas, such as private land, where speeding events will not be raised.

There are a variety of improvements to our Fleet Vis module in Fleet Performance such as a side panel update which improves the clustering information around truck and trailer combinations. There are also some search box improvements.

ClearVision cameras has also seen some improvements. The system can now support up to 6 cameras on a vehicle. The ability to request longer clips of HD video footage (up to 5 minutes surrounding an incident) has now been added to the footage request screens.

Last but by no means least, more features have been added to our Planning and Optimisation product and we are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer zero-downtime live deployment to update our customer Planning and Optimisation systems with the latest improvements.

If you would like further information on the features in the 20.5 product release, please contact your account manager who will be happy to discuss it with you.