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Driver Hazard Warning

Driver Hazard Warning (DHW)

Improve safety outcomes by reducing the likelihood of bridge strikes and any associated insurance, reputational and liability issues.

Bridge strikes and the delays and disruption they cause, are of increasing concern to train and road users and can become a significant issue for fleet operators. In addition, vehicle owners can be held accountable for the associated damage and passenger compensation costs relating to bridge strikes.

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Reduce Risk

Increase safety and operational efficiency and reduce the risk of driver injury, liability claims, increased insurance premiums and long-term reputational damage.

Increase Driver Awareness

Through vehicle profiling and advance warning, drivers have the opportunity to take preventative action before approaching height, weight or width hazards.

Improve Safety

Drivers, other road users and rail passengers are better protected, as DHW reduces the likelihood of bridge strikes and other incidents relating to weight and width hazards.

Contextual audible and visual warning

DHW provides an onscreen visual and audible warning as height, weight or width hazards are approached. The location and nature of the hazard is provided, and the direction of travel is taken into account. Warnings cease when a driver diverts and is no longer on a direct route to the hazard.

Customisable vehicle dimensions

Drivers can enter their vehicle profile into the device, to ensure that only relevant hazards are pinpointed.

Operates independently of other apps

The DHW app runs in the background on the Microlise in-cab device, and only becomes active when a vehicle approaches a relevant height, weight or width hazard. SatNavs and other apps can still be used as normal.

Historical alerts

In the event of an incident, an audit trail is available so that historical data for up to five days can be accessed and analysed.