Journey Management

Schedule Management

Fleet Scheduling Optimisation

Microlise fleet scheduling enables you to identify and make updates in near real time before potential issues become problems, helping you to deliver proactive customer services.

The comprehensive fleet optimisation reporting suite allows for more effective planning which can be further enhanced through integration with most third party route optimisation tools.

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Boost efficiency

Make every mile count and reduce the number of unnecessary miles driven each day.

Reduce turnaround times

Full delivery visibility gives you advanced notice of potential delays and lets you rearrange more suitable delivery slots.

Enhance business intelligence

Plan versus actual analysis allows you to analyse delivery on time trends – helping you to make improvements in the future.

Schedule Execution Board

Get instant visibility over all active vehicles and understand, in real time, how they are performing against plan with a clear colour code indicating early, on-time and late estimated time of arrival.


These airport style views, which can either be displayed on a large screen or shared via a web URL, give further insight into the location and adherence to schedule of your fleet.

Live ETA

With Microlise Schedule Management instantly find out the estimated time of arrival for any vehicle in your fleet. This is a great feature for quickly and accurately responding to customer requests for information.

Debrief on the go

Drivers are prompted immediately after they have completed a drop or collection, before they set off. A pre-populated list of reasons for a delay allow the driver to leave information as the day unfolds. Analysis helps you to understand why unexpected delays occurred and how to resolve them in future.