Product Insight: Connecting The Off-Road

Our pioneering technology-based solutions and managed services support on road fleets of all sizes. However, what is perhaps less well known is that this same technology also delivers enhanced value to off-road manufacturers, dealers, and end customers.

This scalable, enterprise-grade solution connects the entire supply chain, managing all machine data securely while reducing information silos and business complexity and providing an enhanced customer experience across manufacturing, heavy industry, agriculture, infrastructure, medical care and more. The time and money that can be saved from this pre-emptive operational and management approach is significant and can be applied to practically any piece of equipment you care to imagine.

Already used worldwide in every UN recognised country on the planet, our Plant solution currently powers the JCB LiveLink system.

A Solution For Plant Equipment Manufacturers & Fleet Operators

Our wrap-around solution supports plant operators to manage their assets more effectively while reducing costs and improving asset security, machine uptime and customer service levels.

Keeping Assets Safe & Secure

The Microlise Plant solution allows you to monitor and protect all your assets in real-time:

  • Real-Time Fleet Tracking: Review the location of all of your assets and identify vulnerable equipment, enabling you to take preventative action as required.
  • Geofences: The Microlise Plant solution can be set to notify you, or your team, if an asset unexpectedly leaves or enters a specific location.
  • SLA Monitoring: Detect and notify the vehicle owner when or if a machine has been activated at a time outside of an established agreement.
Ensuring Operational Efficiency

Equipment owners and users need their equipment to operate efficiently.  Our solution allows for real-time access to information across machine usage and working time, service history, fuel levels, engine loads and idle time.

  • Activity monitoring: Monitor when equipment is in highest demand to ensure maintenance schedules don’t clash with peak times.
  • Idle Time Monitoring: Understand if equipment is being underutilised in order to boost utilisation and efficiency.
  • Fuel reporting: Fleet operators can confidently assess how much fuel is being used.
Increase Uptime

Machine uptime can be dramatically improved through proactive maintenance and intelligent maintenance scheduling.

In the event of an unusual machine reading or an unexpected failure in the field, automatic alerts are generated so that prompt remedial action can be taken.

  • Maintenance: History reports provide engineers with full asset maintenance data from start of life.
  • Critical alerts: When a piece of machinery is not operating as it should be, alerts can be sent via email, SMS or available through the web.
  • Hours reporting: Keep track of total operating hours since last routine maintenance.
Why choose the Microlise solution?

Our solution solves a range of common challenges across the Plant sector. Using tried and tested pre-built applications and developer tools, our enterprise-scale solution allows you to dramatically improve process efficiency, scale, and reach new markets and offer new models such as products as a service.