Keeping Britain Moving – BBC Video Shines Light on HGV Drivers

We were pleased to see that two Microlise customers featured recently in a great video published by BBC Breakfast, as part of its Keeping Britain Moving series.

The video centres on Microlise customer Eddie Stobart, and it’s role in supporting supermarkets in keeping stores stocked with the essential goods people need, as well as Tesco who explain the reliance it has on drivers to fulfill this role.

Also featured is Eddie Stobart’s newly branded Rainbow truck, and it’s initiative to raise money for NHS Charities Together.

Microlise has worked with Eddie Stobart for a number of years, providing a telematics and technology solution to one of the UK’s best known logistics brands that includes a number of our products.

Fleet Performance gives Eddie Stobart real-time and retrospective visibility of its 2,000 strong fleet, as well as detailed information on efficiency, performance and utilisation.

Our safety module supports its team in managing incidents, through a highly detailed view of data leading up, during, and following such an incident occuring. This enables Eddie Stobart to quickly understand what happened, establish fault, and manage the insurance process.

The company also uses Journey Management, which gives it a real-time view of its fleet vs the plan, showing on a vehicle by vehicle basis which deliveries are complete, and which are incomplete, and most importantly, where a vehicle is running significantly late or early. This enables the team to proactively manage the customer experience by communicating with customers before any scheduling issue becomes apparent, taking action to address any problems.

Lastly, Eddie Stobart also utilises the Microlise DriveTab, a 7” ruggedized Android tablet device which gives access to truck-specific maps for navigation, journey information, two-way messaging and cost effective and safe hands-free voice calls.

You can learn more about how Eddie Stobart has used technology to transition from a traditional haulier to a sophisticated multi-modal supply chain services company, by taking a look at this case study.

Case Study: Eddie Stobart