DVSA Updates Guidance on Daily Walk-around Checks

Vehicle Walkaround Checks

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has updated its guidance on daily walk-around checks to support PSV and HGV drivers. The mobile-friendly guidelines and video, has been designed to support drivers and in particular, to reduce the incidence of bridge strikes. The guidelines also reflect what DVSA Vehicle Examiners look for when they conduct roadside checks.

The guidance stresses the importance of drivers’ carrying out visual and manual checks before a vehicle is driven every day. If more than one driver uses a vehicle, the onus is on each individual to ensure their vehicle is roadworthy before taking to the roads.

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Where Microlise can help

Supporting daily walk around checks

Checks involving more than twenty different criteria are mandatory at the beginning of a shift. Our flexible Vehicle and Driver Inspection solution provides the assurance that relevant checks have been completed prior to departure. With a workflow that is fully configurable, operators can choose what is checked with any minor defects being fed back to maintenance teams while major issues will be flagged so the vehicle can be taken off the road.

Protection from bridge strikes

Our award-winning, Driver Hazard Warning (DHW) App is improving safety outcomes by reducing the likelihood of bridge strikes or other incidents involving height weight or width hazards. DHW allows drivers to enter their vehicle profile, so that appropriate audible and onscreen warnings are provided as height, weight or width hazards are approached. The location and nature of the hazard is provided, and the direction of travel is taken into account. Warnings cease when a driver diverts and is no longer on a direct route to the hazard.