Streamline compliance

Vehicle compliance is arguably the most important consideration for anyone managing a fleet of HGVs. Technology has the power to remove the administrative burden and ensure a water tight system to ensure your team is fully briefed and always in compliance with DVSA requirements.

Obtain peace of mind

Know that fleet compliance processes and policies are being followed, with a digital audit trail.

Remove unnecessary paperwork

Never worry about lost paperwork again by making paper-based daily walk around checks a thing of the past.

Up-skill and inform your team

Enable the free-flow of important information by sending important documents to drivers in the cab and logging who read them and when.

Fleet maintenance

Vehicle & Driver Inspections

Vehicle walkaround checks are a legal must for any driver starting his or her shift. During the inspection more than 20 different aspects of the vehicle should be checked. Our app makes sure your driver has considered each and every one of the aspects, as required, before they set off at the beginning of their shift.

digital tachograph

Remote Digital Tachograph Download

Remotely download vehicle tachograph and driver card data and send it straight to the analysis provider of your choice. The digital tachograph download module from Microlise has been designed to reduce administration and lost time involved in the collection and management of tachograph data.

Risk Assessment Documentation

Provide important health and safety site documents to drivers just when they need them. Using the Microlise solution, key documents like risk assessments and HR policy, can be configured to safely pop-up at the key point in a drivers’ workflow.

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