How Connected Technology & IIoT Can Transform Your Distribution Network

Your distribution partners represent your brand in the marketplace and are on the frontline when it comes to customer interaction. How well they perform and how well they support your customer, is essential to your continued growth and success.

By deploying a connected machinery system, you can help your distribution partners to drive their own growth and profitability while keeping your business ahead of the competition.


Connected technology and IIoT can drive business growth in the following ways:

  • Enhance aftermarket opportunity: Understanding real time product use can help support teams to capture a greater share of routine service and refurb work. Helping your network to maintain healthy service absorption rates supports their growth and their ability to win market share. In addition, the technology allows both manufacturers and dealers to offer new differentiated business models - including product and service wrap packages.
  • Improve customer support: real-time data collection and analysis supports rapid response and proactive customer engagement.
  • Better use of service engineers: armed with the right information, teams can move from preventive to predictive maintenance - anticipating faults, extending equipment life, and enhancing work order management.
  • Better manage your dealers and workshops: gain increased levels of transparency and accountability by monitoring and evaluating key performance parameters and by optimising systems and processes.
  • Inform network design and any expansion plans you may have: identify underperforming areas of your business and pinpoint new and more lucrative customer clusters, through continuous measurement and informed decision-making.
  • Reward and incentive distribution partners: use in-depth insights and bespoke training and incentivisation tools to improve communication and encourage and reward increased productivity across network areas.
  • System integration: increase focus, share company-wide objectives and improve system compliance, visibility and efficiency across all dealership and customer-relationship management platforms.

The right connected program also delivers a compelling commercial proposition as it directly affects both your bottom line and future growth.

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