How Connected Technology And IIoT Programs Can Transform Engineering & Design Functions

Smart, connected products can offer greater customer reliability, higher product utilisation, and functionality that goes far beyond traditional product boundaries. Connected technology is also disrupting value chains, and providing engineering teams with ways to build products that engage customers and keep them brand loyal by:

  • Uncovering data to understand how products are really used – engineers can get closer to end users and identify patterns of use or behaviour that may have been hidden. This helps engineering teams to design a range of associated ‘customer services’ that help to differentiate their product from its competitors.
  • Providing early warning of irregular or unexpected product issues – armed with performance and usage metrics, support teams can ensure that equipment runs optimally by anticipating faults and taking preventative action before problems occur.
  • Deliver complex analytics on machinery performance and compliance – normal and abnormal product behaviour can be tracked, allowing engineers to minimise damage and disruption and maintain an audit trail that helps support warranty management and other compliance requirements.
  • Provide access to remote diagnostics and engineering data – with comprehensive usage and health data, a support team can ensure that products are better supported and managed while in the field.

The right connected program also delivers a compelling commercial proposition as it directly affects both your bottom line and future growth.

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