Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)


Connect devices, instantly analyse data and take proactive and smart action with Microlise Industrial IOT solutions.

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Benefits of Microlise IIoT

Management of Distribution Networks

By connecting assets, you can help your distribution partners to drive their own growth, service and profitability, while keeping your business ahead of the curve.

Engineering & Product Design

Smart, connected products drive future innovation, through detailed insight into utilisation trends, product performance and more.

Repair, Maintenance & Warranty Management

In the ongoing quest for market share, adding customer value to repair and maintenance contracts, extending warranties and exceeding customer expectations is becoming increasingly important.

Aftermarket Sales

With an enhanced product feature set and improved performance and reliability, you can improve customer retention and offer additional sales, finance and services models.

Service & Support

As expectations increase, connecting field-based assets narrows the gap between manufacturer and end user – making proactive customer experience a reality.

Customer Engagement & Retention

Connected technology allows manufacturers to differentiate themselves through the ‘service-wrap’ they provide, rather than through product alone.

CASE STUDY: Microlise IIoT Powers MAN Fleet Management

MAN Truck & Bus UK partnered with Microlise in 2008, after an extensive search for a long-term telematics partner. The UK operation, run from its Swindon headquarters, was looking to offer a MAN telematics solution to its customers that would deliver additional return on investment in the form of driver and vehicle performance information.

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Why Microlise IIoT?

Microlise Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions drive productivity and efficiency, and redefine the way that manufacturers interact with customers, distributors and suppliers.

IIoT technology and the associated digital tools that support operations, communication, analysis and decision-making have a significant impact on the speed and quality of decision-making, on aligning business needs and on strengthening customer engagement by adding intelligent, wraparound services and support.

Global Footprint

We support over 500,000 assets globally and have been perfecting and deploying connected solutions for a range of blue-chip companies.

Award Winning

Our technology has been recognised by numerous industry awards. The Microlise Group currently holds three Queen's Awards for Enterprise – across both Innovation and Trade.

A Trusted Partner

We design, manufacture and deliver innovative connected solutions that have a proven track record of success. We possess the experience and know-how our customers need.

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Innovative organisations are realising that they can differentiate their product by offering customers something that is of greater value than pure product – encouraging a brand loyalty that goes far beyond the usual manufacturer, seller and customer relationship...

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