Using Telematics To Improve Security Operations

The benefits of telematics in the transport and logistics space is well-documented, but its capacity to support driver and vehicle security is often overlooked.

To highlight this use case, Fleet Forum is running two running webinar sessions on Wednesday 12th August (at 10:00 CET and 14:00 CET), where Microlise will be showcasing how security can be enhanced and managed through the use of telematics and fleet management technologies.

Peter Scott, Microlise Director for Government & NGO, who is an experienced presenter and recognisable face from key industry fora and seminars, will highlight the system features that provide critical safeguards and support investigation in operationally sensitive environments where the protection of assets – including people, vehicles and consignments is key.

Since joining Microlise, following 14 years serving as a commissioned officer in the British Army, Peter has been instrumental in developing a bespoke product set that addresses the unique challenges of operations in the most extreme environments. He successfully bridges the gap between the commercial sector and organisations operating in less traditional areas, ensuring Microlise delivers real benefit to its global customer base.

According to Peter Scott, “Security sector requirements pose a unique set of challenges that differ from those of commercial carriers. The need for rapid and flexible planning and real-time visibility of fleets is critical to improve a security profile. When appropriate and cost-controlled technology is deployed, it also supports more efficient planning, execution and deployment.

“Microlise is providing scalable solutions to directly address security, efficiency and productivity issues to expand the capabilities of the sector.”

If you would like to learn more, please register for the Fleet Forum webinar sessions here.