Sustainability will alter logistics says DHL

Logistics will be transformed by the drive towards sustainability over the next few years, according to a report from Deutsche Post DHL.

In addition, those firms cutting carbon through greater operational efficiency will actually be able to save money.

Delivering Tomorrow: Towards Sustainable Logistics surveyed 3,600 businesses and consumers worldwide and found that 63% of business customers believe that logistics will become a key target to help cut CO2 emissions.

“The leading logistics companies will be those that possess the unique selling proposition and differentiator of providing sustainable services,” the report concludes.

Deutsche Post DHL CEO Frank Appel says: “The logistics industry can already achieve significant carbon reduction by optimising distribution networks, using the right modes of transportation, and efficiently managing load capacities and routes.”

Companies, governments and financial institutions will have to jointly push forward change, but so will different parts of the supply chain. “We will see collaboration as the most efficient way of achieving sustainability,” adds Appel.

Simon Jack,
Monday 18 October 2010 13:17