Senior Traffic Commissioner Updates Guidance for Road Transport Operators

The Senior Traffic Commissioner’s guidance documents have been updated this month – with a number of key changes transport operators should be aware of.

They’ve been amended following a consultation with industry and stakeholders. The revisions include:

  • new guidance on the importance of continuous professional development
  • clearer guidance on what will happen if someone uses an operator’s licence without authority (‘fronting’)
  • greater emphasis on the importance of accurate applications
  • a new section on support for tribunal users
  • updated guidance on what happens when periods of grace expire
  • a new section on driver employment status

Senior Traffic Commissioner, Richard Turfitt said: “It is important that we get the balance right, so that irresponsible people, who ignore the safety of other road users, do not put compliant businesses at a disadvantage.

“These documents demonstrate our commitment to transparency in the way we make our decisions.

“On this occasion the majority of changes are dictated by the case law rather than a debate on policy. There is a heavy emphasis on providing continuity but the responses received have helped us to try and clarify our approach to regulation.”

The publications explain the legal basis and the way traffic commissioners will approach the exercise of their statutory functions and so are particularly important for all O licence holders.

These publications cover the following key topic areas:

All of the documents have been updated apart from the vocational driver guidance.

For further details, read the press release by visiting the Government website.

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