Regulators Provide Increased Support and Flexibility During Crisis

Richard Turfitt
Richard Turfitt

The Senior Traffic Commissioner recently issued a Statutory Document setting out the approach that traffic commissioners will adopt in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Great Britain.

The document provides guidance and advice on:

  • operators who temporarily cannot meet the required financial standing levels
  • operators when a transport manager is unable to attend work
  • the period of grace process if the requirements to hold an operator’s licence cannot be met
  • operators who are unable to access their operating centres
  • the approach to be taken when considering the financial evidence of an operator applying for interim authorisation
  • how the traffic commissioners may approach applications for temporary exemptions to the requirement to hold an operator’s licence
  • the approach to be adopted for short notice requests around changes to local bus services and reducing the administrative burden on operators
  • hearings attendance and the postponement of hearings

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