Product Insight: Zebra Mobile Hardware


The Product

Thanks to our long-term partnership with Zebra, Microlise offers state-of-the-art, ruggedised handheld devices, purpose built for challenging workplace environments and for the transport & logistics industry.

What’s New & Noteworthy – the Tech Bit

As part of their ongoing efforts to keep pace with changing ePOD and task management requirements, Zebra has recently introduced the TC26 as an eventual replacement to the TC25 entry level handheld. The TC25s offers a cost effective, ruggedised device solution for companies that have either opted for consumer handheld devices and found damage levels high and subsequent replacement expensive, or for those who are considering purchasing consumer devices for the first time.

The TC26 offers the same drop spec as the TC25 but with some improved features. An upgraded processor and additional memory means it is fast enough to run the latest operating system (Android 10 and Android 11 when it’s released) for future proofing investment. It can also deploy the  latest version of our Microlise SmartPOD app.

Add to this improved Bluetooth, an upgrade to the scanning feature, a higher resolution camera and a larger, higher resolution screen and the feature list is complete.

Microlise is currently approving the TC26 device for use, ensuring that a range of peripherals are in place. When approved, it will be made available to customers alongside the TC25 before replacing it completely.

In the middle of the pack, the ruggedised TC57 has had an internal makeover. The TC57x is back compatible with all of the TC57 peripherals but inside, an upgraded processor and increased memory once again make it Android 10 and Android 11 compatible and Microlise SmartPOD app enabled.

The TC57x also boasts a higher resolution and brighter screen than its predecessor, with an integrated Bluetooth beacon and a new, improved scanner with maximum motion tolerance and a larger ‘sweet spot.’

Microlise will continue to offer the TC57 alongside the TC57x for the time being but will discontinue sales of the older TC56 device.

How Will it Benefit Your Business?

Microlise has a wealth of experience in deploying handheld devices. We will always recommend the right device  with the right software for your particular working environment. In the past, we have seen companies deploy consumer devices in the belief that they will prove to be more cost effective. However an absence of workplace specific peripherals (especially in-vehicle ones) often leads to increased device damage levels and higher cost. For example if consumer charging cables are used on an in-vehicle charging cradle, this can result in damage to  charging ports. In addition, in the absence of service package options, devices are often swapped out rather than sent for repair which also results in higher long-term costs.

The new TC26 offers a ruggedised, cost effective entry level device with a full range of workplace peripherals making it a financially viable alternative to consumer devices. It is powerful and future-proofed so customers can be assured that they have made a sound investment. Its drop specification also makes it more suitable for the workplace and reduces damage levels, as well as the admin time and hassle involved in finding replacements.

If you’re already using TC57s, the TC57x will protect your investment still further. While it is faster internally and runs on the latest version of Android with a range of upgraded features, there is no change to the external unit so existing in-cab charging cradles can be retained and the model will run happily alongside your current TC57 devices.

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