Product Insight: The Microlise Knowledge Portal

At Microlise we understand that to take advantage of the benefits our solutions offer, our customers need to understand how our systems work and how they are best used to maximise return on investment.

The Knowledge Portal is Microlise’s ongoing investment to give  immediate access to a wealth of training content, designed to help you get the most from your Microlise solution and fully realise the financial, operational and environmental benefit on offer.

The Application

The Knowledge Portal has evolved into a fully functional application delivering many types of knowledge transfer. At the core of the application is our self-paced training courses, delivering tailored training in numerous ways such as video and interactive content, enabling learning by doing. All of our courses provide certificates, the ability to take notes at any time and they also allow managers to track progress of their users.

To support our training courses and to give immediate access to helpful materials, the Knowledge Portal hosts a full comprehensive library of knowledge base articles providing up to date procedural information on the Microlise Product Library.

The User Guide creator allows you to combine all or a number of articles together to create your own user guide specific to your needs.

With an ever evolving solution, it can sometimes be difficult to understand changes and upgrades. We recognise this and the Knowledge Portal now displays full information about the modules and features of all our Products and complete information on each version allowing you to automatically download release notes and immediately see what has changed. It also flags upcoming changes to all of our solutions.

The Knowledge Portal also provides an online glossary to help understand any Microlise or industry terminology. Our document library also allows for the sharing of any type of document and is an excellent way to pass on best practices amongst your colleagues.


Training campaigns are a new feature we are adding to the Knowledge Portal. Campaigns can provide with tailored content delivered to your desktop over a set amount of time. This is ideal if you are new to your role, where we can proactively support your learning process providing you with the content you need when you need it, instead of you having to go out to find this yourself.

We believe Training Campaigns have great potential to help our customers, where we can not only create campaigns for specific roles, but for specific systems and releases and send that information directly.


Microlise recognises the importance of our customers understanding how to utilise our solutions to fully maximise their benefits. The Knowledge Portal gives full and free access to a wealth of materials and tools to help you do just that. It is fully integrated into Microlise applications, is available to all Microlise system users and comes free with any Microlise solution purchased.