Product Insight: Mercedes-Benz Truck Portal

mercedes-benz truck portal

Available for Microlise customers on the Actros 5, we are excited to announce a partnership with Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK to launch Microlise SmartFlow Driver WorkFlow App on their Truck App Portal. With the ability to use approved apps directly from the infotainment system in their vehicle, drivers will now be able to view and interact with their Microlise journeys without the need for an additional mobile device.

The Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal will give operators all the advantages of driver visibility (along with our suite of analysis reports via the Microlise Web Portal, providing valuable insights on their data) without the need for in-cab hardware installation.

On top of the existing features, future updates will expand the in-cab experience for drivers even further, providing means of recording activities they have completed outside of their cab away from the infotainment system. This will allow them to capture vital data such as vehicle safety check results, photographic evidence of delivery and customer signatures.

The Product

Microlise SmartFlow brings all the journey information prepared for them through the Microlise system directly into the driver’s cab, without the need for operators to provide and maintain a separate mobile device for their drivers.

Drivers can perform a wide range of tasks simply by interacting with their vehicle’s infotainment system, like reviewing and accepting journeys, accessing site details and their planned arrival/departure times, alerting their transport office to any problems, engaging with satellite navigation and managing trailer connections. With tacho-card login and automated site arrival and departure, journeys are simple, clear, and easy for drivers to execute.

Driver activities along with their location data are fed back into the Microlise Journey Management system, connecting them back to their transport office and giving operators visibility of them right alongside the rest of their fleet.

The data that drivers produce through the SmartFlow App can be analysed through our suite of reports, generate system alerts should a problem arise, and be used to inform driver debriefs. This makes it easy for transport staff to support and guide their drivers on best practices, allowing them to remain compliant with legislation while maintaining a driving style that is both safe and fuel-efficient.

The Benefits

The Microlise SmartFlow App is fully integrated with the Mercedes-Benz Actros 5 infotainment system so a simple download directly to the vehicle allows you to:

  • Get the vehicle on the road quickly – No additional in cab hardware required.
  • Streamline your driver’s workday – journeys fed directly through to drivers.
  • Save drivers time and effort with one touch integrated satnav.
  • Streamline administration – delivery, collection and consignment information updated instantly.
  • Improve communication with drivers.
  • Improve compliance and safety.
  • Increase flexibility – directly update journey schedules as changes occur.
  • Reduce delivery paperwork.

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Find out how our cost-effective, feature-rich Multi-Camera solution can support you and your business.