Product Release: 21.4

The 21.4 product release contains new functionality and further enhancements to previous releases. This release introduces a new compliance report for easier monitoring of KPIs and several enhancements to fleet … Read Blog

Product Release: 21.3

This month’s product release provides new functionality including expanding existing utilisation reports and adding a tamper-proof loading camera as an option for our ClearVision multi camera customers…

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Product Insight: Managing Schedule Execution

Whether you’re delivering your goods to depots in the same organisation or managing multiple contracts, it’s important to have a plan in place. However, by the end of the day, what actually happened can look very different to what was originally planned…

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Product Release: 21.2

The 21.2 product release adds new functionality to the system and builds on some of the improvements made over the course of 2020. Significant enhancements have also been made to …

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Product Insight: Planning & Optimisation

The rise in fast delivery models for everything from grocery and gardening supplies to high-end fashion means that fleet operators are under constant pressure to make more deliveries with fewer …

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Product Release: 20.12

And so for the final product release of 2020. New features have been introduced alongside enhancements to existing functionality. This includes building upon previous releases, with the expansion of the …

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