Product Innovation Update Week 2020

The Microlise team works to continuously improve our technologies and technical capabilities and invests significant resources in ongoing R&D, to ensure our solutions and services are underpinned by robust, resilient, secure and market-leading technology.

Last week, we were delighted to welcome a significant number of customers and guests to our Product Innovation Update series of virtual webinars and Q&A sessions.

During the event, we showcased our future-focused thinking as well as gathering current industry feedback on what will be most useful to commercial operators.

We were happy to update customers and share some of our new product and service offerings including the ongoing evolution of our ClearVision camera technology and services including a DVS safe & an ADR appropriate solution.

Some of the week’s other key takeaways included:

  • Our own data analysis provided key findings relating to the effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the UK lockdown on fleet performance. The first webinar of the week also considered the significant role that technology played and will continue to play in the transport industry – including contributing to process automation, reducing congestion and increasing efficiency at local, regional and national level for transport providers, strategic road network suppliers, local and national government and vehicle manufacturers.
  • We are making a number of User Experience improvements as we focus on the 40,000 users we have. Key to this being the fusion of our Planning & Optimisation user experiences with our transport execution experience, providing users with more flexible and more consistent experiences when planning, briefing, monitoring, responding to change and debriefing journeys.
  • Our recent certification to ISO27001 allows us to engage with customer Information Security teams to ensure information is professionally and expertly managed while in the custody of Microlise.
  • News and updates across our trailer telematics and Electronic Brake Performance Management.
  • How our world-leading Data Sciences team is providing enhanced analysis and insights to support all of our customers and how harnessing The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) can support a truly connected fleet either on or off road.

Thank you to all those who attended and shared in the week’s events; we look forward to welcoming you back again to our programme of events in 2021.

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