Pre-calculate your CO2 Emissions with Microlise & PTV

PTV, a provider of geographical and logistical software components based in Germany, have supplied global mapping for Microlise, a leading transport management solutions provider, since 2005. Using PTV’s Developer Components, PTV integrates into Microlise’s revolutionary Map Client providing users with visibility of their vehicles, wherever they are in the world.
Soon to be released, users of Microlise’s map client will be able to view their CO2 output for selected routes, in the planning stages, allowing them to not only select the optimal route in terms of distance, time & terrain, but the most environmentally friendly one too. A built-in emission reporting allows the user to calculate route-based pollutants for each transport run. The data has been based on the updated HBEFA 3.1 version (Handbook Emission Factors for Road Transport)
PTV’s Developer Components, allow users to perform a number of exclusive functions. Using features such as reverse geocoding, PTV provides Microlise users with the exact textual location of their vehicles in real-time, showing the proximity to a delivery point, depot and/or traffic incident. This can then be used to calculate the nearest vehicle to a specific location, the best route for that vehicle and the estimated time of arrival.
The Microlise Map Client which receives data from the Microlise Tracking Unit (MTU3) also provides users with the ability to communicate with the vehicles and display present and historical data on both its activity and status (stopped, moving, idling, for example). Supporting, in addition, the creation of geographical boundaries of sites, depots, areas of interest and restricted areas which can be used to trigger messages, warnings or alerts when an event happens that is inside the limit of the specific ring fenced area.

Routes generated by PTV take into account truck-restricted and prohibited roads to ensure optimal safety & reliability; these routes are calculated based on vehicle height, weight & load type to avoid commercial truck restrictions. PTV utilises raw mapping data from Tele Atlas and NAVTEQ (both world leading traffic & map providers). This data is incorporated into the Microlise Contextual Speeding Module (whereby speeding events are triggered not just based on the vehicle’s speed restriction, but the posted speed of the specific road the vehicle is on).

Steven Watson, Microlise’s Director of Product commented: “We selected PTV as our mapping suppliers for two simple reasons, Performance & Scalability. We provide a managed service to our customers who are located all over the world, we needed an application that could not only integrate seamlessly into our system but one that could handle these requirements without fail, and PTV fit the bill.”