New Schedule Execution Board from Microlise

As part of a major release this month, Microlise is launching their new Schedule Execution Board. This module sits within their wider Transport Management System portfolio and replaces their previous generation Transport Management Centre solution.

The Schedule Execution Board (SEB) is accessed by users via the web and presents easy to manage and understand information about the status of their delivery routes against planned schedules.

These schedules are either automatically imported from schedule optimisation products, like Paragon, or might be fixed routes created and managed within Microlise’s Journey Planner module.

Real-time tracking data from Microlise’s Tracking Units (MTUs) is processed by the Schedule Execution Board to allow the traffic office, planner or customer service agents to understand the status of their deliveries against plan. Tracking data can be supported from other 3rd party systems and devices too.

The point to point routing engine which works out the time remaining to the next destination on the route provides a highly accurate estimated time of arrival. Each time the vehicle reports in (typically every minute of mile) the schedule is updated.

The user can easily filter in the Schedule Execution Board (SEB) to show only active routes for a particular depot and, that for example, are predicted to be late – making management by route or schedule exception a simple exercise.

The Schedule Execution Board (SEB) is complimented within Microlise Transport Management System framework by existing web modules like arrival and departure boards and driver debrief.

Additionally this October release includes a new optional module called the Customer Service Portal, which allows the same trip information to be used by a Customer Services to proactively manage customer issues and track & manage subsequent calls and activities.

The new Schedule Execution Board module is available to all new customers and existing Microlise customers as part of their next upgrade

For further information please contact us at or on 01773537000.