Monitoring Driver Performance to Increase Safety and Reduce Costs


Driving an HGV is not an easy task; the vehicle you’re driving could weigh up to 40 tonnes and have limited visibility and manoeuvrability.

Though the responsibility for safe driving is ultimately in the hands of the person behind the wheel, technology can help to combat risky behaviour, improve driver proficiency and better equip drivers with the skills they need to be safer on our roads.

By reducing idling, addressing poor driving habits, and rewarding good performance, operators can maintain a more efficient fleet by reducing fuel usage and the costs associated with vehicle wear and tear.

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What's in it for drivers?

The Microlise Driver Performance Management App provides drivers with detailed analysis, highlighting where driving improvements may be required. Drivers can log in to see how they have performed, while managers can log in and view information about either an individual or group.

In-cab, real-time feedback actively supports drivers, providing them with the opportunity to change their behaviour to improve driving style before any clear infringements are recorded.

What's in it for operators?

Improving how your drivers perform improves fleet safety, efficiency and your bottom line, while enhancing reputation, supporting your duty of care and reducing environmental impact.

The Microlise fleet driver management product tracks critical driver and vehicle activity that negatively impacts on fuel consumption, providing fleet managers and operators with actionable insight into their fleet to make better and more timely business decisions.

The Driver Performance solution provides a reporting suite that grades individual aspects of performance and produces an overall rating. Grading across all the key elements of driving style makes it easy to identify patterns of behaviour and to highlight problem areas that require attention. In this way managers can debrief by exception to target training resources where they are needed the most.

Reporting allows you to quickly and easily compare driving performance by individual and groups of employees. This means that you can identify areas for improvement, target under-performing drivers with appropriate training and obtain the data to support driver incentive and reward schemes to boost employee engagement.

Not convinced? Read how Culina Group is currently using a Microlise solution to improve driver performance and safety metrics across its fleet.

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