Microlise’s Tracking solution accredited for Petrochemical safe working

Microlise’s MTU3 Tracking & Telematics device now comes with full zone 2 ATEX certification.

Like many Telematics solutions providers, Microlise have been installing their MTU3 (Microlise Tracking Unit 3) devices into Petrochemical tankers in compliance with the Energy Institute guidelines for many years – this means that vehicles can be tracked apart from when the tanker was loading fuel at a depot or discharging fuel at a garage, whereupon, like most of the other electrical equipment in the vehicle it would be isolated via an isolation switch. This approach, obviously provides some practical limitations if operators want to closely monitor vehicle activity whilst on a site.

Given Microlise’s growing sales in the petrochemical sector, we have now put our MTU3 hardware, including CANbus & Digital Tachograph connections through the ATEX certification process. Microlise are also able to provide an ATEX compliant panic switch if required.*

This now means Microlise’s equipment can be kept live throughout the entire delivery and loading process. There are few Telematics suppliers who can provide this level of service.

Microlise’s Product Strategy Director, Matt Hague, commented “Given the amount of business we are now doing in this arena it made sense to be able to provide the best solution. The MTU3, which is our own product, flew through the certification process. ATEX certification is actually quite a differentiator, in that a number of our competitors talk about having ATEX certification, but when you read the fine print, they still need to be isolated when being filled or when making fuel deliveries. By complying with both the Energy Institute installation guidelines and also having ATEX compliance, we are giving our customer’s the best level of visibility and safety assurance”.