Microlise Release a Brand New Trailer Tracking Solution

Due to customer demand, Microlise have introduced a brand new trailer tracking solution. This small, rugged & water-proof battery backed unit can either be charged up from the AC mains, attached to the asset or trailer and left to report in periodically or connected to a DC supply on the Trailer – for example, the Trailer’s running lights or Suzi.

Trailer Tracking Diagram

Tracking data transmitted by the unit, via GPRS, can be used within the Microlise Map Client and Transport Management Centre in exactly the same way as a regular Microlise Tracking Unit (MTU3).

The standard configuration of the Trailer Tracking unit is that it reports in every 5 minutes whilst moving (powered or unpowered) and every 6 hours when stopped. This configuration can be changed remotely. Battery level is reported each time a unit reports in such that a user will be prompted should any unit not be getting charged frequently enough a portable unit need recharging via the mains.

Trailer mounted tracking units – that are being powered from the running lights – need about an hour of power a day to keep the unit fully charged. Where the Trailer tracking unit does not have external power, based upon a full charge, the unit will report in it’s location and status over 2000 times.

The unit can also support other inputs such as doors monitoring. The Geofences that can be created in the Microlise Map Client support rules, which means alerts will be generated if Trailers stop or their doors open where they shouldnt, similarly, if a trailer moves from a location when it shouldnt. These alerts can be text based.

Microlise also provide the Activity, Utilisation, Location and exception reports as part of it’s Trailer Tracking.

Microlise’s new trailer tracking solution gives operators increased security, enhanced visibility and control of goods & service delivery as well as the information required to improve trailer utilisation and fleet management costs.

For more information the New Microlise Trailer Tracking Solution, you can contact your account manager, alternatively Click Here to contact us.