Microlise Partners with Bolloré and IER to launch ‘Autolib’ project in Paris

Autolib map

Sunday, October 2nd 2011 marks the launch of ‘Autolib’, a project initiated by the Mairie de Paris (local authority) which aims to provide around 3000 electric cars that can be picked up and dropped off at a number of rental kiosks, in the city of Paris and suburbs. The program’s aim is to reduce carbon emissions by around 20,000 tons a year.

This project is spearheaded by Bolloré, IER and Microlise.

Bolloré is a major French corporation with diverse technology interests; one of these being the production of batteries, super capacitors and electric cars, consequently, Bolloré won the contract to supply the electric cars and kiosks on the Autolib project.

IER is also a subsidiary of the Bolloré, IER which specialises in the delivery of solutions used to control the flow of goods and people, such as self-service ticketing, security solutions, RFID, Supply Chain management – including transport management solutions.

The primary role of IER in the Autolib project is to integrate a fleet management system for the electric vehicles.

Microlise is a long standing IER solution partner. Microlise provide Transport Management Systems incorporating in Vehicle Telematics, Fleet Performance, Journey Management and Proof of Delivery systems. IER, who are also currently rolling out a Microlise POD solution to a large French Parcels company, asked Microlise to support them in the Autolib project

Accordingly, Microlise have provided Bolloré and IER with their MTU3 Telematics Unit which is fitted in each of the Autolib car.

The vehicle in question is the Bolloré’s BlueCar, an electric car, which has been specifically manufactured for car sharing and were first unveiled at the 2005 Geneva motor show. These bubble shaped four seaters have been designed by Pininfarina (famous for designing Ferraris and Maseratis). The batteries within these vehicles are safer than lithium-ion batteries that are used by most electric cars within the industry.

Each car will be available to hire at a rate of 4 to 8 euros per hour or, for those motorists who subscribe to a membership, the fee will be starting at 12 euros a month.

When using the Autolib service, a customer logs onto the Autolib web site and makes an on line reservation using their credit card. In making the booking they confirm which kiosk they are picking the car up from, how long they want the car for and at which kiosk they will be dropping the car back off at.

When the time comes to use the service, the customer presents their credit card at the collection kiosk. The IER system then validates the booking and issues the driver with an RFID card which is unique to the driver. At the same time, the IER system sends a message to Microlise MTU3 in the BlueCar. The MTU3 then tells the BlueCar to unlock the door when the expected RFID card is presented to the reader on the car door handle. The MTU3 also tells the BlueCar to allow the motor to be activated, thereby enabling the customer to drive the car.

The Microlise MTU3 then tracks the vehicle (via GPS and GPRS). If the vehicle strays outside of the allowed operating area, the Microlise system alerts a central controller as to the infringement who can then get in touch with the motorist. Similarly, the Microlise system monitors if the vehicle is being used in excess of the agreed rental period.

The Microlise system then confirms when the vehicle has been returned. Once the driver has plugged the car back into the kiosk to recharge the battery and has locked the doors that driver will be unable to drive that vehicle but can still reopen the vehicle doors in order to retrieve personal items that may have been left in the vehicle.

The Microlise system also provides mileage and usage information to the IER system such that usage and charging cycle performance can be analysed.

Given the kind of driving information that the Microlise Telematics Unit can also provide, there is a long term vision to monitor and potentially charge customers for misuse.

Autolib will debut next week with 66 cars across 33 rental kiosks throughout Paris. The plan is to expand this to 1000 kiosks and 3000 vehicles by the end of 2012.

The aim of the Autolib project is to help clear the traffic-clogged roads of the French capital by reducing the need for private cars as well as offering locals and visitors a chance to discover electric cars first hand.

Bolloré, IER and Microlise will continue to support the project throughout all phases and look forward to seeing the beneficial impact of using electric cars in large cities such as Paris. Thereby hopefully encouraging other major cities to implement more economical, cheaper and environmentally friendly ways of traveling.