Microlise, DHL and Roadscan collaborate on recent BBC Click episode

Long time partners, Microlise and DHL were approached by Roadscan and the BBC to do an episode for the BBC news show, ‘Click’. Click is a technology news show that airs on the BBC news channels. The TV version broadcasts throughout the week on BBC One, the BBC News Channel and BBC World News and the weekly radio show is broadcast on World Service Radio each Tuesday.

Microlise, DHL and Roadscan’s contribution to this episode showcased the benefits of in-cab forward facing cameras coupled with tracking and Telematics data. The Roadscan camera is triggered when a vehicle exceeds a certain g-force in any direction, for example; in the event of an accident or a harsh brake or cornering. Alternatively, the camera can be triggered manually by the driver.

When the camera is triggered, the first 15 seconds and the subsequent 15 seconds around an event are automatically recorded on the camera. The video is recorded on an SD card in the camera which needs to then be downloaded to a computer at the depot.

Additionally, the camera sends a signal to the Microlise Tracking Unit which, in turn, sends an alert back to the Microlise Transport Management Centre for host.

This exception event is then alerted by the system and is visible on the Microlise Map Client and Driving style reports.

The benefit of this integrated approach is that management know when a camera has been triggered, (rather than having to rely upon a driver telling you – in the case of a near miss for example). This means the process of identifying which cameras to download files from is much simpler and the level of compliance is much higher as it is easy to identify which cameras need files downloading from and which files have been downloaded.

Public & Driver safety is of huge importance to all vehicle operators. DHL are no exception, DHL are using forward facing cameras, as well as other Microlise safety reporting features to improve safe driving.

The Click episode will showcase the functionality of the in-cab forward facing cameras as well as the added benefit of having real-time alerts right on the Microlise Transport Management Centre. Russell Clarke from DHL reviews the benefits of having forward facing cameras installed in their vehicles and the added benefit of integrating the solution into Microlise. DHL are currently implementing Microlise’s Fleet Performance Telematics product to help improve driving style in order to maximise safety and fuel economy.

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