Microlise and Tesco

tesco store

Microlise, the expert in delivering efficiency in distribution networks, has announced that it has signed an initial deal with Tesco that could see the implementation of its Transport Management solutions in each of Tesco’s international distribution operations.

As part of its expanding operational development plans, Tesco is developing standard operating model processes, procedures and systems that can be rolled out across each of its distribution operations internationally.

Working with partner Ortec (which provides the planning part of the solution), Microlise delivered a winning proposal and will now work on a trial in Slovakia, where trailers will be fitted with Microlise’s MTU3 trailer tracking units. This first country will provide the blueprint for the global roll out across a further 10 countries in Europe, Asia and North America.

The Slovakian trial will test the solution’s functionality regarding; route scheduling and optimisation, trailer tracking, temperature and door monitoring, route and schedule adherence monitoring, trip reviews & KPI reporting (utilisation and compliance).

Future phases have yet to be confirmed but they could include; vehicle performance monitoring via telematics and driver fuel leagues, POD, driver communications, task management, KPI reporting and consignment tracking.

Nick McCurtin, of Tesco International Operations Development commented. ‘We are excited to be working with Microlise on this trial project and are looking forward to full roll out after its successful completion. We were looking for an answer to the many transport challenges that face our International Businesses, as our multi-format store networks grow in size and complexity and we strive to achieve Tesco’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 50%. The solution’s compatibility with our own platform, as well as its ability to link with locally sourced third party technology, gave it the advantage.’

Matt Hague, product director at Microlise said. ‘We are obviously delighted to have been awarded this project, and are looking forward to its successful completion when we can begin to move forward with the global roll out. Tesco has some really clear ideas as to how it wants its people, operational processes and systems to work together, I believe it is really pushing the boundaries in terms of getting the most operational benefit out of an integrated planning and execution system and, in turn, it is helping us to really optimise our retail distribution offering.’
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