Industry Changing Management Information Suite from Microlise

One of Microlise’s biggest differentiators over their competitors is the powerful and flexible means by which Microlise is able to provide their customers with information which they can use to better manage their operations on both a tactical and strategic basis.

Many of Microlise’s competitors provide their customers with limited, one dimensional reporting, which is slow to run, hard to manipulate and via reports which is costly and time consuming to change. Changing reports often leaves customers relying upon the supplier to make the changes at an extra cost.

Microlise fully recognises that the value of any technology solution is how easy it is to exploit the information held within the system to ultimately ensure a customer’s operation can run more efficiently and effectively.

Consequently, Microlise has developed an innovative Management Information Suite that runs with its Journey Management package. All information generated within Journey Management will pass through the Management Information Suite and is then analysed based on how the information relates to plan versus actual trip information that is stored within the system.

The key to this level of flexibility and exploitation is that all data held in the Management Information Suite data warehouse has been formatted into a set of around 140 data fragments. This reformatting means that reporting performance is fast and the ability to build and reformat reports is much easier. The need to write lengthy queries to link low level data together has been replaced with an easy to use ‘drag and drop’ feature.

The Management Information Suite can be broken down into three levels dependent upon the type of functionality needed. These levels consist of TI Standard, TI Plus and TI Premium.

TI Standard provides the user with a suite of around 60 fixed template reports summarizing Resource & Operational Performance as well as Customer Service Delivery.

TI Plus provides users with the additional functionality of live data dashboards in addition to the TI Standard.

TI Premium provides the users with the ability to take these data fragments and either simply modify existing reports or build new reports.

As with all other Microlise reports, all reports within the Management Information Suite can be accessed on an on-demand basis via the web or via email subscription.

It is Microlise’s strategy that all live data will be ultimately held within the same data warehouse such that it can be exploited in this same speedy and flexible manner, to this end it is Microlise’s intention to have all the Fleet Performance (Driving Style) data in the Management Information Suite by mid 2012.