Ford Motor Company & to speak at Van Telematics Seminar

SMMTThe Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders will run a half-day seminar on telematics’ role in cutting fuel use, costs and CO2 emissions for van operators. Van traffic is up by 40% over the last ten years and vans now account for about 13% of UK vehicle miles, so they make a big contribution to congestion and CO2 emissions.

“The aim is to start discussion and make people aware of the big savings in fuel use, emissions and cash that are available right now from the intelligent use of telematics,” said Robin Dickeson, manager, commercial vehicle affairs at the SMMT. “Telematics should offer savings of at least 10% within days, while we’ll have to wait longer for most other technologies to make the same difference.”

“Cutting fuel use and van mileages will be vital for those firms committed to cutting their environmental impact,” said Sharon Clancy, editor at M-Logistics, the UK’s leading magazine for telematics and vehicle tracking, who will lead the seminar. “This will also be vital for the government to meet its own targets on the environment and climate change.”

Richard Turner, leader of the Commission for Integrated Transport’s van group will deliver the keynote speech and there will be contributions from systems suppliers Microlise Ltd and their customers Ford Motor Company (US) and along with TomTom Work, which will explain how it uses telematics to cut the environmental impact of its home delivery fleet.

The seminar is on 24 March at SMMT’s London head office. Itis free to SMMT members; non-members pay a nominal fee of £50 + VAT.