Direct action over fuel duty will do more harm than good

Any form of direct action in response to the soaring cost of fuel will severely damage the road transport industry’s image and reputation, FairFuelUK has warned.

With just 12 days until the Budget (23 March), FairFuelUK is ramping up its lobbying of MPs. On Monday (14 March) it is delivering a giant cheque to the Treasury. The cheque, valued at £26.2bn, depicts the total fuel duty contribution made to Treasury coffers by motorists, hauliers and all road users in 2010.

Campaign leader Peter Carroll says: “I understand the pain and anger out there at the moment, but if direct action breaks out it will result in destructive PR for the industry.

“The reason the protests worked in 2000 was because they were the first of a kind; the government and the authorities were completely wrong-footed. But I do believe that was for then. Now we need to unite with the public and use our democracy to make the MPs stand up and take notice.”

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Article Source:, Laura Hailstone. 11-03-11.