Coming Soon – New Driver Communication Module from Microlise

Microlise launchs their updated Driver Communications Module in November 2011.

Microlise are replacing their current Driver Communications Module with its new offering, the DCM4.

This new version of the Driver Communications Module has a wide range of enhancements over the previous product.

The DCM4 is a 7 inch touch screen tablet which is fitted to the vehicle dashboard. It is connected to Microlise’s Telematics Unit (MTU3) which provides the device with GPS data and also acts as a GPRS data modem and also supports voice calls.

The key functions of the DCM4 are:

  • Driver & Journey Log on (either via on-screen key pad or based upon Driver ID through Digital-tachograph).
  • Task Management – the device can be used to manage any task the customer may wish to download to the DCM4, for example vehicle checks, delay reason codes, refuelling information, door seal checks etc.
  • Trip sheet & Manifest information – the list of delivery points on the journey and what is being delivered or collected
  • Trip execution – Arrival & Departure confirmation with time stamping
  • Integrated Satellite Navigation, the trip information downloaded at log-on includes the location of each delivery point, which is automatically passed to the Co-Pilot 8 Satellite Navigation software running on the DCM4. Additionally, the device knows the weight & size parameters of the vehicle, such that the Co-pilot software will only use roads that are appropriate for the vehicle.
  • Messaging – the DCM4 supports both free and fixed text messaging
  • Voice support – the DCM4 supports both free dialling and phone book based calls. The phonebook is dynamically downloaded based upon the delivery points on the trip.

Matt Hague, Product Strategy Director for Microlise commented “We are really excited to be launching our new Driver Communications Module, its functionally rich & competitively priced, something our customers have also recognised as we have already taken a number of orders for the solution”.