A Guide to Telematics (by FleetNews)

The November 2011 edition of FleetNews featured a supplement guide for telematics users. This guide provides information regarding Green Fleet Management strategies, as well as examples of telematics in action and the benefits delivered.

According to the guide;

Greener Fleet Management is driven by three simple strategies…

Drive cleaner vehicles
Drive them more economically
Drive them less
Do this and companies will save money and reduce their environmental impact. (A Guide To Telematics by FleetNews)

Microlise’s Transport Management System portfolio significantly contributes to this agenda. The portfolio offers a Tracking and Telematics solution that;

Enables customers to understand how safely and economically their vehicles are being driven – thereby supporting the company to obtain the best levels of fuel economy and reducing fuel costs & emissions, as well as reducing accidents and wear & tear on vehicles.

Provides visibility of vehicle activity and utilisation in order to allow management to understand vehicle usage & utilisation. When this data is presented via Microlise’s Journey Management module, where all activity is measured againt planned journeys, then wasted time and unnecessary mileage can also be driven out of the operation, thereby ensuring highest levels of productive mileage and the right number of vehicles necessary to run the most efficient operation.

In the Fleet New section entitled; Telematics in action deliver savings for fleet operators – by using telematics, fleets have achieved savings worth millions of pounds, the article sighted two Microlise customers;

Tesco delivers with Telematics

Home delivery firm Tesco.com revealed 12% fuel use savings and a 6% drop in accident damage after fitting telematics.

The 2,200 vans on the fleet cover 60 million miles a year, so such significant reductions in costs will have a major impact on the business.

Any examples of bad driving are flagged up and bosses can immediately deal with problems such as harsh braking and errant behaviour.

To encourage drivers a league table has been produced at each depot.

Drivers are rewarded with a set number of points, which they retain if they are shown to have driven carefully and sensibly on the road on an ongoing basis. (A Guide to Telematics by FleetNews)

Firm targets 5% saving

3663 set itself a target of a 5% cost saving across its logistics transport operations.

As a first phase, 3663 implemented tracking and telematics across the company’s logistics fleet of around 340 vehicles.

It then launched a driving for excellence initiative which included publishing detailed driver league tables.

This programme delivered substantial savings as it quickly highlighted driving issues which could then be addressed, resulting in 3663 achieving its 5% target fuel saving in the eary stages of the project. (A Guide to Telematics by FleetNews)

The league table discussed in the feature refers to the Microlise A-G Report within the Safe and Economical Driving Style Reports which is available to all Microlise customers Using the Fleet Performance Telematics package. This comprehensive report allows the customer operation to monitor driving style at all levels within the fleet.

Both Tesco.com and 3663 as well as over 200 other transport & logistics companies, continue to look towards the Microlise Fleet and Distribution solution to support them in achieving the highest levels of utilisation, efficiency and fuel economy within their fleets.