Increase Safety & Manage Risk

Nothing is more important than the safety of drivers out on the road, or the safety of the general public and road users on the whole

Reduce Accidents and Protect Drivers

Harnessing the power of data, technology can help you to identify near misses, understand root cause, target training and make your fleet safer. Customers who have implemented Microlise safety products have seen an 80% reduction in speeding incidents and reduced accidents by up to half.

Reduce Accident Rates

Encourage a safer driving style and reduce fleet accidents.

Protect Drivers

Use our incident data recorder and integrated camera system to quickly identify the root cause of an accident.

Minimise Insurance Costs

Understand fault, be first to notify of loss and reduce insurance liability.

Incident Data Recorder

Use granular level telematics data to analyse vehicle and driver activity in the event of an accident.

The telematics unit records location, direction, speed, accelerator position, brake pedal position, revs, gear and cruise control. This is in addition to all other typical telematics data.

Multi-Camera Solution

The Microlise multi-camera solution is designed with the modern fleet operator in mind.

Integrated with Microlise telematics, users can download the specific footage surrounding an incident straight from the vehicle playback screen quickly and easily - in both low and high resolution.

Driver Performance Management

Driver Performance Management

Drivers are encouraged to adopt a safer driving style with a range of factors, including speed, cornering and braking measured by our finely tuned A-G rating system.

Through monitoring, debrief and regular coaching in good driving practice, significant safety improvements can be realised within your fleet.

Driver & Vehicle Compliance

Manage your fleet compliance and obtain peace of mind.

Compliance is arguably the most important consideration for anyone managing a fleet of HGVs. Technology has the power to remove the
administrative burden providing a watertight system to ensure your team is fully briefed and always in compliance with DVSA requirements.

Driver Hazard Warnings

Big Data technology makes it possible to alert your drivers to specific risk hotspots as they approach them.

This hazard warning system will alert your drivers to low bridges. This is a major problem, with bridge strikes representing a third of all road traffic accidents involving HGVs in the UK.

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