Manage Driver Workflows

Execute your plan with precision and give drivers all the tools they need

Streamline Systems and Processes

Whether using a route optimisation tool, or not, it’s easy to import your plan into the Microlise system. From here a full workflow will automatically be created for your drivers guiding them through their day, step by step, including vehicle loading, navigation and proof of delivery.

Improve Delivery Accuracy

Items can be scanned onto the vehicle or by exception - ensuring all items are correctly loaded before departure.

Increase Efficiency

Import your plan and automatically generate a full driver workflow.

Support Drivers

Execute your plan with precision, making life easier for your drivers as they work through their shift.

Vehicle Loading

There are multiple loading modes, making it possible to load in reverse delivery sequence order, or by product type e.g. ambient, chilled and frozen.

Items can be scanned on to the vehicle or by exception, for example you may only want to positively confirm high value items or specific types
of goods have been loaded.

Flexible Daily Workflows

Drivers are asked to step through defined tasks and capture specific and validated pieces of information through their shift.

Using waypoints, pre-planned routes and schedules are easily and accurately applied, with navigation delivered via an in-cab device reducing route variability and improving the efficiency and productivity of your operation.

Flexible On-Site Workflow

Once the driver has arrived on site the in-cab device will guide them through the delivery or collection. Items can be scanned off of the vehicle – or manually checked – with signature capture to confirm the successful completion.

If there’s an issue with a collection or delivery, the driver will be asked from a pre-populated list of reason codes what happened. The system can be configured to prompt the driver to take a photograph, which is uploaded along with the other information.

Sub-Contractor App

SmartPOD makes it easy and cost effective to manage subcontractors.

The Android app is feature-rich and in addition to full proof of delivery functionality, it features a number of journey planning tools including trip information, planned times, address information and location confirmation through GPS.

Brochure: Manage Driver Workflows

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