Improve Driver Performance

Empower your drivers to perform at their best to maximise fleet safety and reduce operating costs

Improve Driving Standards

Microlise tools enable your drivers to improve with low touch management intervention. Our next generation telematics captures an enormous amount of data, presenting it in an intuitive way so that you can quickly review key performance indicators.

Target Training

Understand where driving style improvements can be made, on an individual or group basis.

Reduce Costs

A more considered driving style reduces fuel consumption and vehicle wear-and-tear.

Improve Safety

Minimise the number of incidents across your fleet with real-time, in-cab coaching and performance and incident analysis.

Driving Style Reports

Improve your fleet performance and safety record by encouraging drivers to adopt a fuel efficient style of driving.

Microlise tools enable you to monitor and motivate drivers and transport teams in order to achieve financial savings across your fleet with reduced fuel, maintenance, accidents and administration.

Driver Performance Management App

Improve driver engagement and empower your team by giving them easy access to their own performance metrics via an intuitive Android or IOS app.

The Driver Performance Management (DPM) app gives a detailed view of performance against a wide range of criteria and provides advice and tips on how to achieve improvements.

Driver Hazard Warnings

Big Data technology makes it possible to alert your drivers to specific risk hotspots as they approach them.

This hazard warning system will alert your drivers to low bridges. This is a major problem, with bridge strikes representing a third of all road traffic accidents involving HGVs in the UK.

Driver Feedback Module

Deliver dynamic performance information to drivers in the cab to improve driving style in real time.

The DFM works by warning drivers when an infraction is about to be recorded by the telematics unit – for example a harsh acceleration event – giving the driver time to change behaviour before it’s too late.

Driver Trip Sheet

Give your drivers the tools they need to execute optimised plans with precision.

Save your drivers time and make life as easy as possible while ensuring planned routes are adhered to, to reduce excess fleet mileage.

Driver Communication

With a sophisticated, cost effective and intuitive communications
platform in place improve driver management and communication.

Instant messaging and hands-free phone calls over the same device used for satellite navigation ensure you can keep a safe communication link open as the day unfolds.

Brochure: Improve Driver Performance

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